Intuition 101

Rooted Living
Intuition 101: Make 2019 the year of Connection

We think of intuition as a magical phenomenon but to live intuitively is simpler than you think, if we can allow ourselves to fight through the noise. The modern world is adding layers of overthinking, stress and imbalance and in turn, our intuition is fighting to be heard. But when we allow ourselves to be still, coming back to our inner GPS can be our greatest guide.  

In this workshop, Pandora explores the basics living intuitively; allowing us the ability to be still, to think and to reflect on ourselves and our behaviours and in turn, to plan ahead for a year rich in satisfaction. 

She’ll take you through a meditation to connect to your intuition. Teach you how to engage with it and let it lead you. She’ll explain the opposite of intuition -overthinking - and how we allow this to muddle our minds with unnecessary clutter, plus ways to de-clutter! She’ll teach you how to trust your intuition and balance both the reasoning and unconscious reasoning mind. Expect to leave inspired, clear headed and calm.  

* How to connect to your intuition 
* How to stop overthinking 
* The power of trust 
* Daily tools to let your Intuition guide you in life
* How to use meditation to connect to your intuition

Everything you will ever need to know is within you already. You were born with a great power within you that should never be diminished. Trust this. And trust yourself. This workshop stands to connect to our deeper intuition. To connect to our bodies. To find true self-love.  To find stillness. 


Pandora Paloma is an Intuitive Living Coach and Founder of ROOTED LIVING. She specialises in Women's Health, Intuitive Eating and Living and Self-loveEmpowerment. Known for her intuitive approach, Pandora works to support individuals to return to their roots - their true form - and in turn, their true potential.
Pandora has a decade of experience having trained in Naturopathic Nutrition and Intuitive Eating and Living with an additional 100 hours of additional nutritional training in women's health. She is a trained Life Coach and a 200 hour trained Yoga Teacher, specialising in Vinyasa flow and restorative yoga, as well as a meditation and breathe work teacher and Reiki healer.

Date: 19/01/19
Time: 13:00 – 14:00
Duration: 1 hour
Location: BLOCKHEAD BASECAMP, 82A Commercial Street, London, E1 6QQ